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NEW! Web Site Availability Service (WSAS) Pricing

WSAS Pricing is broken into 2 parts: an Annual Subscription Fee and (optional) Professional Services

The Annual Subscription Fee is $75 (one hour of Professional Services is included in first year)

Professional Service Fees are billed at $50 per hour* on a per request basis.

Basic Instructions are provided and if you are able to add a line of text to a web page, you may not need any Professional Service assistance at all, but we are ready to help if you do.

Contact Us for more details or go here to see a Demo of how it can work on your site!

*The total cost of Open ARMS Professional Services will vary, depending on the number of hours needed to perform any customization on your web site. We will work with you or your Web Master/Developer as requested.
Please NOTE: Your Web Master/Developer may charge for their time separately and these charges are independent of our fees and are entirely your responsibility. Open ARMS cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by you for 3rd party assistance.

Open ARMS calendaring system is a proprietary technology with a Patent Pending. All content is considered the Intellectual Property of Open ARMS. 

Any unauthorized use or reproduction will result in appropriate legal action.

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