Q: How does the Open ARMS calendar service work?

Q: What web browsers can I use with Open ARMS?

Q: What's an Invitation, and how do I Invite someone?

Q: What's the difference between a property and a unit?

Q: What's a subscriber unit?

Q: What's a non-subscriber unit?

Q: Are the booking and cancellation email notifications as reliable as the online calendar?

Q: Why don't I always get the email notifications? Is this a problem with Open ARMS or something else?


Q: How does the Open ARMS calendar service work?

A: The Open ARMS calendar service is based on an Application Service Provider (ASP) model that works entirely through the world wide web via a web browser.  Since the the application and the data are maintained on centralized servers, there is no need for the users to install or maintain anything on their PC's, and the application can work from any PC connected to the internet.

A: Open ARMS currently supports Internet Explorer (v6, 8 and 9), Chrome, Firefox and Opera on Windows based PC's and Safari on both Mac's and PC's.

Known Issue: The calendar days do not line up with the date (Internet Explorer 7 and sometimes 8)

Resolution: Depending on the version of IE you are using, there are a couple of possibilities:

1) If you are using IE 7, then you will need to update to IE 8 or 9.

2) If you are already on IE8, then there is a chance that it is in IE7 Document Mode.  To change this, go to Tools and click on Developer Tools. When the Developer Tools window opens, look to the far right of the top menu bar and you will see Document Mode: IE7 Standards. Click the IE7 Standards and select Internet Explorer 8 Standards from the list.  You will only need to do this once to effect the change. That will change the way IE 8 works and will fix the problem.

A: An Invitation is how you can refer someone to subscribe to our service and get paid a referral fee.  All you have to do is log in to your Open ARMS account, click on "Invite" in the menu, enter the persons email address and Click Send Invitation.  That's it.  Once the person you sent the invitation to signs up for any plan that requires a 12 month commitment and pays in full, you'll receive a check directly or get credit towards your account.

A: A property is how one or more units can be collectively referred to. A unit is a specific rental space, including a room, a cabin, a house etc.  For example: Uncle Bob's Cabins is a property name used to refer to Cabin 1 (a unit), Cabin 2 (a unit) and Cabin 3 (a unit) collectively.

A: A subscriber unit is any rentable unit (part of a property) for which the owner is an Open ARMS service subscriber.

A: A non-subscriber unit is any rentable unit (part of a property) for which the owner is NOT an Open ARMS service subscriber.

A: No, the online calendar is the only source to rely on when it comes to seeing the latest availability of a rental unit.  For more details on why that is, please read the FAQ below about why delivery of emails can't be guaranteed.


A: Although Open ARMS constantly monitors it's email service  (the program that runs on our server to send the email notifications) to ensure that it is running continuously, we do not control the entire path between our server and your PC.  


To try to explain, here's a simple diagram of how email works across the internet.  Let's assume the funny looking guy at the top is Open ARMS, the young lady is you and the internet is between the 2 mail servers:

Now in reality, there is a lot more to email than what this picture shows, but it does give a basic idea.  If the guy is Open ARMS and the green email server is our server, then our control stops at the green server.


This is not a failure with Open ARMS. In fact, no one (not even Bill Gates) has enough control over the pathways of the internet to guarantee that you will always receive the emails that are sent to you, whether by the Open ARMS system or someone else.  There are just too many ways that the emails can be delayed or lost. 


Here are just a few of the common things that can happen to stop emails from getting through:

  • Your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) email system is down

  • Your ISP filters the email and it goes to a Spam, Bulk or Junk folder (always check these folders first if you think our emails aren't working)

  • Any one of a number of routers, switches or other hardware along the path between sender and receiver fails

  • The local email client on your PC (such as Outlook) has a problem

  • The online email client you are using isn't working correctly (such as Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, Hotmail etc)

  • The cable connecting your PC to the internet router (gateway, hub or modem) is broken or disconnected

And the list goes on.  While the email notifications usually get through, it is still a very helpful convenience, but because it is impossible to guarantee the delivery of every email, we highly suggest that you rely only on the online calendar for the most up to date availability information.


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