How we got started:

When my wife and I purchased a vacation rental property in the Hill Country of Texas, the first broker we listed with gave us some advice - "To give yourselves the best shot at keeping the property rented all the time, list with several brokers."  Then she gave us the bad news - "It's your responsibility to keep all the brokers informed about the bookings and the cancellations, and it needs to be done as soon as there is a change to avoid double-bookings."


When we asked how that was usually done, she told us it was normally by phone or through emails, and that everyone kept their own schedules.  Oh man!  I knew we didn't want to spend all our time doing that.

That's when the light went on.  Hey, there's this new thing called the internet.  Why don't we create a way to do this so everyone can use the same scheduling calendar online?  So we hooked up with some IT gurus, local brokers and fellow property owners and designed this service to do just that - and do it easily!

What we do:

As our slogan says, we help to bring vacation rental property owners and the reservation/rental services (brokers) they list with together by providing a shared calendar-based scheduling environment.  Our goal is to help make the job of scheduling and communication between the property owners and the brokers faster and easier.

By accessing our online scheduling service, property owners and brokers can see and use the same calendar, immediately sharing booking and availability information of the properties without wasting time on phone calls or composing multiple emails across several listing services.

Who we help:

Property Owners - we offer an excellent benefit to vacation rental property owners who are listed with multiple reservation services.  Instead of having to make several contacts to make sure all the appropriate brokers are kept up to date on bookings (and cancellations), the property owner can go to one place and mark the calendar.  The changes are immediately available to all brokerages that list or manage their property.

Brokers/Reservation Services - subscribing brokers benefit by having up to date booking information at their fingertips while still on the phone with prospective renters.  Since they can see the availability of all their properties on one screen without having to contact the property owner first, they don't have to lose the moment.


Open ARMS calendaring system is a proprietary technology with a Patent Pending. All content is considered the Intellectual Property of Open ARMS. 

Any unauthorized use or reproduction will result in appropriate legal action.

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